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OtterBox - Defender Protective Case for iPhone XS/X

OtterBox - Defender Protective Case for iPhone XS/X

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Defender Series is the family patriarch. The big daddy of them all. The early standard-bearer of Certified Drop+ Protection and the ultimate keeper of the OtterBox "Tough" legacy and tradition. Grab one to give your iPhone rugged protection and give you total confidence to do more.

Key Selling Points
  • Drop protection. iPhone case deflects and absorbs impact, keeping it away from your device.
  • Dust protection. Port covers block dust, dirt and lint from clogging up your jacks and ports.
  • Screen protection. Built-in screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes on your touchscreen.
  • Scratch protection. Full-coverage case takes on all the wear and tear of regular use, leaving your device like new.

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