The Standing Cover has been upgraded to suit the new Galaxy Z Fold4 — and the S Pen Fold Edition* that works with it now. You can work smarter with S Pen and turn your scribbles into strokes of genius.

Key Selling Points

  • Keep your S Pen Fold Edition handy while protecting the front and rear of your Galaxy Z Fold4.
  • This cover has an adjustable kickstand to hold your screen up to a comfy 55° angle.
  • A dedicated and detachable S Pen Fold Edition holder is included with the Standing Cover.
  • The case provides stability, so you can place your Galaxy Z Fold4 on a table and start writing without your phone moving.
  • The Galaxy Z Fold4 Standing Cover with Pen contains UL-certified post-consumer recycled content.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover S Pen Case - Graygreen

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