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BruMate Era (30oz) - Mist (ESTIMATED SUMMER 2024)

BruMate Era (30oz) - Mist (ESTIMATED SUMMER 2024)

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A new Era of straw tumbler is here. Our Era tumbler is totally leakproof and made for stress-free sips on the go. It has our fully leakproof Ü-Turn™ lid that works for both cold and carbonated beverages, ColdKey™ metal straw for minimizing the amount of plastic sitting in your water, BevGuard™ technology to keep ice for 24+ hours, and a cup-holder friendly base so you can enjoy 30oz of your favourite beverage, free of leaks and spills throughout your daily journey.

Era Tumblers are 100% leakproof with cold beverages and carbonated beverages with ice when in the locked position. Not recommended to be used in the locked position with hot beverages.



A New Era of Leakproof is Here

Simply turn the Mode Indicator to the appropriate position for stress-free sipping mode, leakproof mode, or cleaning mode.

Key Features

Era Tumbler Key Features and Technology Designed Like The Earth Depends On It Banner 

Made for Stress-Free Sips

Flipping the Era Cup over 

100% Leakproof. Really.

The Era Straw Tumbler is totally leakproof when used with cold beverages and carbonated beverages with ice in the locked position.


Woman Twisting Era Lid Off Tumbler 

ColdKey™ Stainless Steel Straw

The world’s first integrated stainless steel straw system ensures plastic doesn't sit in your drink all day.


Era Tumbler filling up with ice water 

24+ Hours Ice-Cold

BevGuard™ technology keeps your favourite drinks ice-cold for 24+ hours without any metallic taste.


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