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Rokform Galaxy S22+ 5G Rugged - Black

Rokform Galaxy S22+ 5G Rugged - Black

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  • SHOCKPROOF DROP PROTECTION: Exceeds military drop-test standards MIL-STD 801G-516.6, so you don't have to worry about shocks and drops from up to 6 feet
  • PATENTED MOUNTING TECHNOLOGY: RokLock Twist Lock Mount system securely mounts your phone to a variety of Rokform accessories for bikes, cars, motorcycles and more
  • MAGNET STRENGTH: Safe neodymium magnet sticks to any magnetic surface
  • ULTRA LIGHT DUAL COMPOUND: Shockproof case features protective hard Polycarbonate outer shell and soft impact resistant core
  • MAGNETIC ROKLOCK PLUG: Is included and doubles as added magnet strength and a plug to seal off dirt and dust when the RokLock Twist-Lock system is not in use

With our best-selling RUGGED case for the new Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G, you can keep your phone protected and secure day in and day out. Made with screen, corner, and camera protection without adding bulk, our new Galaxy S22+ 5G case feels slim and fits easily in your pocket. It’s also made with shockproof, dual compound outer shell and impact-resistant materials, so you don't have to worry about drops from up to 6 feet!

The Rugged case comes with Rokform’s signature magnet technology for easy mounting on any magnetic surface, including at the gym, on your fridge, toolbox, and even on the golf course. With the built-in ROKLOCK® twist-lock system, you will effortlessly secure your S22+ onto your favorite Rokform accessories for bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and more. Made with a scratch-resistant carbon fiber texture, your Rugged phone case will maintain its sleek look no matter how tough you are with it. The anti-slip grip improves the magnetic hold and keeps your phone from sliding on non-magnetic surfaces. Like all ROKFORM cases, a lanyard slot comes standard, adding an extra bit of extra security when you need it.

The new Rugged Galaxy S22+ 5G case is compatible with wireless charging - simply remove the center magnet. With the lower magnet still in place, you can enjoy wireless charging while utilizing magnetic mounting technology. If you don’t want to charge your phone wirelessly, no problem! You can leave both magnets in and simply plug your phone into our oversized charging ports. Our magnets are 100% safe and will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera, or data transfer.

With so many ways to use this case, you will wonder how you ever went without it once you try it.

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