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ProtectionPro Screen Protector Small - Microbe-X Film

ProtectionPro Screen Protector Small - Microbe-X Film

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ProtectionPro Microbe-X is designed to provide all your devices with antimicrobial screen protection.

Specially formulated to inhibit microbe and bacterial growth on the product’s surface, Microbe-X has a 99.99% effectiveness on tested microbes and bacteria and protects the film surface against stains and odor-causing bacteria.

Microbe-X integrates zinc pyrithione* to prevent the growth of microbes while offering superior optical clarity and impact protection to your device’s screen.

Enjoy peace of mind and all the benefits of the world’s best screen protection with ProtectionPro Microbe-X.

ProtectionPro Microbe-X Features:

  • Antimicrobial Surface Protection
  • Optical Clarity
  • Impact Protection
  • Touch Sensitivity

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